Tunisie Valeurs offers a wide range of products for its individual and institutional clients depending on their ability to take risks when they engage in securities’ investments.

Asset Management services are split in two major divisions:

For individuals and high net worth clients: Portfolio managers discuss with clients investment strategy and put performance targets taking into account clients’ preferences.

For Collective Investment Schemes: Portfolio managers offer different types of funds (SICAV Funds, Unit Trusts…etc) and clients can select the right vehicle according to their ability to take risks and to the type of assets they would like to hold.

Assets under management have reached 300 Million Dollars which puts Tunisie Valeurs in the number one position in Tunisia by size of assets.

For institutional and retail clients we offer the possibility to invest in the financial market in the short term or long term at the best market conditions. Tunisie Valeurs is licensed by the Tunisian Treasury and capital market authorities to deal in government bonds through its Primary Dealer Department.